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Three Lists of Three About My Three(nager)

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I have a three year old. How did this freaking happen?! I’ve heard rumors of a thing called a “threenager”. I’ve heard three is going to be worse than 2. I’ve heard its a 24 month period from whatever time the craziness and tantrums kick in. All in all, I’ve heard nothing good about three. [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday 03•05•14


The Caroline Dress


I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’ve reached the height of my crafty mom status. I had a party to go to, so I made myself a dress. Possibly my first “mom-dress” too. I’m not sure I own anything that hits just above my knee. Oh, the modesty motherhood brings. And [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday 02•19•14



I’m not making excuses for my late Theme Thursday post. I’ll just admit it. Flat did nothing for me. Maybe it’s because I’m on the tail end of this cold and feeling exhausted. Maybe it is because it’s been nonstop snow here and I’m just sick of it. Either way, uninspired. As I sit here [Read On]

Snow Day Craftivities


I’m just going to say it. We’ve had far too much snow lately. On top of that, I’ve had two sick little boys. And not at the same time for most of it. They seem to be passing it back and forth to one another. It’s terrible. Perk: The napless wonder was taking naps. A [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday 02•05•14




I’m still in the midst of post-holiday cleanup in the “sewing room”. It’s been rough to say the least. I maybe have too much fabric. I know. Impossible, right?! As I get closer to getting things cleaned up, I keep noticing projects that I want to work on. And then I sit down and have a [Read On]


When I like a bottle of wine, I keep it. I have a few nicer wines that I really like, I remember those. In general, I’m way too cheap to buy those unless it is a special occasion. I shop based on two qualities alone most days. Label design and price. I rarely go over [Read On]