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Theme Thursday: Arctic

Sometime in mid-2012, I decided I wanted to decorate Bug’s nursery with an arctic theme. We weren’t finding out that another little boy would join us so I needed a neutral color and theme. Obviously, I went with blue for the color.

Now here we are. Early 2014. He room is blue. His mobile is blues and greys. He has a blanket with a whale on it. That’s as far as I got.

We put our highlight reel on the internet. Pinterest is full of mommy blogs making the rest of us feel inadequate. I made it through his first year and decided if there were another baby I would need to know ahead of time. I would need to give myself the time to plan. In reality, it probably won’t make any difference. My highlight reel just doesn’t include a decorated nursery.

I guess my point is that it doesn’t all go the way you expect it will. I let go of that notion a long time ago. Possibly before Bean was even born. But not completely. You never let it go completely. There’s always hope. And then there is potty training.

We may have started this past weekend. I’m not totally sure. What I am sure of is that THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER. I don’t think I’ll be sharing the details of our adventures with the potty. Let’s leave some stuff for my future daughters-in-law to not find on Alta Vista (it’s going to be huge again someday, you heard it here first).

Maybe when I have one using the potty I’ll have some free time to decorate that arctic theme nursery.

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  1. Ha! My kids are currently in rooms decorated by the previous owners. I don’t even like the vinyl decals on the walls but they are better than bare walls. I wish the act of pinning something meant that some magical elves were going to make it appear in your home.

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