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Three Lists of Three About My Three(nager)

I have a three year old. How did this freaking happen?!

I’ve heard rumors of a thing called a “threenager”. I’ve heard three is going to be worse than 2. I’ve heard its a 24 month period from whatever time the craziness and tantrums kick in. All in all, I’ve heard nothing good about three.

Some days are bad. Some days are really bad. But then, most days, I have this kid. This baby who is becoming a KID. Occasionally, he listens more. He is expressing himself more. I don’t want to jinx anything…but he is potty trained! He wants to do things and he is waiting patiently enough to learn how to do them. The other day he made the meatballs for dinner. He didn’t eat any raw ground beef. There was nothing on the floor or flung across the room. He freaking made meatballs. He even rolled them. Were they perfect? OF COURSE NOT. But he made them, so what do I care? Last week, he made himself lunch.

I have a three year old. I didn’t interview him like many of my friends did with their own threenagers. He’s not the best question answerer. But I’m pretty confident in saying his brother, Daddy, and Uncle Mark are his best friends.

Other fun facts about Bean, age 3:

  • Favorite Song: Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette
  • Favorite Book: The Lorax
  • Favorite Activity: Baking cookies

Silly things he does:

  • He likes to slide down the steps as if being dragged and scream “Ma!” over and over again as though he needs help. He then immediately asks if he can do it again.
  • He loves love. If you are in close proximity to the person he knows to be your mate, he will try and make you kiss. Totes adorbs.
  • When his friend Kevin comes to visit, he gives him a tour of the kitchen. He knows Kevin doesn’t cook, so he tries to teach him how to do something. One time he started taking out cookie ingredients and mixing bowls and tried telling Kevin how to make cookies. Another time, he gave him step by step instructions to making a cup of coffee with the Keurig. Kevin does NOT drink coffee.

Things he knows. Sort of.

  • He calls the letter “X” X-Ray. He asks for X-rays on his shoes if he wants the velcro straps crossed.
  • He knows that food is better than not listening to me. Unless not listening to me involves food.
  • If he doesn’t know the name of something, he will list 3 things to describe it. For example, Panera is “bread, soup, pasta!” and Despicable Me was “minions, yellow, moon” (Despicable Me 2 is purple minions)

I love this little man and the crazy guy he is turning into. Each day of the past three years has been a wild and completely awesome ride. I cannot wait to see what this coming year has in store for us. Happy (belated) 3rd birthday, Bean!

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  1. Love, love, love!!!! <3, You're awesome, and so is your family <3!!!!!

  2. I’m reading and I love this! Our tantrums are epic right now but my little one is just as amazing to watch grow and discover. This is going to be a fantastic year!

  3. Addy loves The Lorax too! Yay for the abridged version.

    Happy Birthday Bean! Come teach us how to make meatballs.

  4. Ha! Threenager. I totally might steal that word. :)

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